Whether it is a weekend retreat or conference keynote, Minas dives deep into the words of Scripture and has a storytelling style that keeps listeners on the edge of their seats. Peppered with laughter and salted with tears, Mina shares how God miraculously transformed her, from a life riddled with alcohol, abuse, cancer and other health issues. God took a little girl bound by feelings of inferiority, insecurity and inadequacy and transformed her into a woman of courage and confidence. Her desire is to encourage, equip and empower women to discover their position and Faith Focused™ purpose as a child of God and a co-heir with Jesus Christ. She leads audiences on a spiritual adventure to discover their true identity and see themselves as God sees them. Her messages inspire women to grasp the truth that can set them free, transform pain into purpose and become the magnificent creatures that God planned all along. No matter where a woman is on her journey toward the heart of God, Mina helps them take the next step closer.

Mina’s presentations are excellent for a variety of women’s events such as banquets, conferences, and retreats. Each topic can be customized to be easily woven together for conferences and weekend retreats.

Mina loves working with ministry coordinators to tailor each event to the unique needs and requests of the women. She loves brainstorming with leaders to make each event fresh, creative, impactful, and meaningful.

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