I know and have known since I was a young girl that God had a plan for me. It was the “what” that has had me stooped for, well all my life. I have been searching in so many places and ways for many years. Asking God to show me. I see now so much more clearly as to why my life’s journey went the way it has and continues to go the way it needs to. I’m so grateful for all I have done, been a part of, went through… even the pain and heartache of it all. All of this led me to now. It has prepared me for what is to come.

The “Iam’s” are different now than they used to be. I see myself very differently than how I saw myself before. The people I want to surround myself with are different than before. But how I see people…well that is very different than how I used to see people. That is, before I was transformed. Stay with me as I explain.  I hung on to my past enough to feel insecure, betrayed, unloved, unwanted, not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not wealthy enough… Not enough!These two words defined how I lived my life.

My whole life seemed as though it was centered around “Not Enough”. Sound familiar?   Several years ago, God started to show me more of what enough meant and looked like. He gave me my husband Tim, my daughter Theresa, my son Jacob and reminded me that we were all I needed to create a perfect family of 4.

Then he started working in me; he helped me to find better friends and what true friendship meant.He brought us a church and showed us friendship and love through community. In the background, he revealed new clarity and definitions of a servant leader vs a driving leader. I gained more skills, dug deeper into my gifts and my strengths. He showed me how he was teaching me to minister and disciple through sharing my story, using my gifts, skills and strengths.

God also turned me upside down and shook me up with my health by forcing me to stop and rest! It was then, when he truly transformed me. He helped me to see what “Enough” look like. Wow! That was a turning point for me! Seriously, A. Life. Changing. Moment!

God Is enough, Jesus is enough theHoly Spirit is enough. My family, my friends are enough. The list goes on!

I had prayed for God to bring me all the things I just wrote about. Family, a safe home, good work, Christian friends, a stable retirement so we could do more serving. Time with the people we love. Wisdom of His word. He brought all this and so much more. God then created Wilhelmina Ministries and WomanUp! Faith.  He opened doors and opportunities that I could never do without Him. He brought people, churches and organizations into the picture. He told me in the end of 2017 that my time at corporate was done. That was a year earlier then Tim and I had originally planned, but we trusted in Him. And, we continue to.He then gave me the word “Bold” and has been telling me now that “It Is Time”.

See, God has been moving mountains, shaking up the world in ways I can’t even begin to explain fully. OH, but it is BIG! Believe in what He can do, believe in yourself and what he created in you.You too are a part of this big plan of His!

In a most recent conversation with a new friend, whom he brought into my life through a new organization I’ve been involved in, I found it confirmed that this is truly time to do big bold work!

God has brought a group of friends into my life because He wants us to do something big, something Bold, because…It Is Time!

Lately I have been praying and discerning His will to ensure a focus on him and what it is he means by all this. All for his big plan, all for God’s glory! What is His Big Plan? I don’t know exactly, but I can see many pieces and parts that I am confident he will continue to clarify and help us put together. In the meantime, I will continue to do the work and serve in the way He is asking of me and my friends who come along side. The holy spirit will guide us as we take each step. I will lean on God, walk with Jesus and be led by the Holy Spirit as God unfolds his beautiful plan to me. Where will we go from here? Again, I’m not sure, but I’m ready!! Are you?

Let’s Pray:

Dear Lord, You are the Author of Life and the giver of each day. Help me to trust You when life hurts. Help me to worship whether I have much or little. Help me to trust and to discern the plans you have for me so that I continue to stay the course for your glory!
In Jesus’ Name,


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