“A life devoted to things is a dead life, a stump: a God shaped life is a flourishing tree.” ~Proverbs 11:28


When we focus our attention on loving others, loving our Lord and building a faith foundational life, we and those around us flourish because of it.

I spent the last two weeks with my daughter and her family in Arizona. Arizona in July is like living in an oven while someone blows a giant heated hairdryer at your face. It was HOT! Other than that, the visit was nice. I learned that these three children, their mom and dad are all very different from one another, yet somewhat similar. For example; they all love family time.

Khaleesi is 4 years old and is an absolute doll. She in a goofy little girl with a huge heart. She loves to make her baby brother Ezekiel (aka: BBE) laugh.   He gets these absolute down in the gut laugh when she dances around and makes barking sounds at him. So much fun to watch.

Gabriella who is 8 this month, is smart and our artist in the family. She sees and hears everything and can create beautiful art out of just about anything her little hands touch. But it’s also her big heart that stands out. She loves soo much and you see it in the artwork she creates. I added a picture of the artwork she made me, and I am getting framed to hand in our home.

Little BBE is only 8 months and he is a charmer already at his age. He has everyone wrapped around his finger and owns us all. Of course, doesn’t every baby? He is stubborn, but happy all the time. He has this bashful smile that crushes any bad day you may have had. He too has a big heart and you can already see that he is a lover.

Dad, Eddie is a hard worker and a little OCD, yep, like me when it comes to cleaning. BBE gets his smile from Dad. Big and warm and makes you instantly feel good when he shines those pearly whites at you. Eddie too has a big heart, he wants you to know he cares, simply by the small stuff he does. He is young in his faith, but I feel a wise soul when he says grace for us all. His kindness goes along way at work as he looks for the people who stand out in what they do rather than how they look. As a manager, he leads with tough love, kindness and a strong sense of customer service and respect for others. This is important as a manger in retail.

Mom, my daughter Theresa is small framed beautiful woman whose heart is bigger than she realizes. Theresa loves life, loves her kids and loves her man. She loves her entire family outside these walls as well and down deep loves God. She struggles and wrestles with the challenges that each day bring, but she works hard through them.

Why am I telling you all this? Because this beautiful little family is like many families. They come with something soo special that sometimes only God sees it. But if we take a step back to recognize the people in the family for who each one is, we see beauty in each living person. We see God’s work in each human created. Each his masterpiece. Khaleesi asked me who God was and why he made the world? I was just about to answer when Gabby piped in; He is our Heavenly father, the one who made each of us to love and to love him. He made the world so that we could live on it and he gave us homes to build a family in. Then he gave us Jesus his son to save us from doing really bad things. WHAT!??? Yep, that came from my 8 year old, Jesus loving, Godly, granddaughter! Just imagine the most proudestmoment you could…that was mine! Me: “Gabby, where did you learn that?” Gabby: “You and Papa and church” Me: “Gabby, I am soo proud of you that you know that and can talk to your sister about it.” (Discipling at 8!) Khaleesi began to ask more questions and we both helped to answer them.

It was then, I realized that God showed me that he gave us Gabby who will help this family continue to grow stronger in their faith. Gabby will be the family matriarch and will center their faith. There have been plenty of times that our lives have not been centered around God’s word, our faith. It has been about a big house, a new car, money or trips to fancy places. But when we center our lives around our heavenly father, our views change to see one another differently, love each other stronger. We become selfless, not self-absorbed. We become free of sin and judgement, hatred and jealousy. We become the best of ourselves in all we do. I see this in in this family. In time, the family will become stronger in their faith together and their lives will be better because of it. Priorities will change, and God will show up each and every day for them because they want him there.

So, how do you see God showing up in your family? Do you live a God centered life? Do your children and you have conversations about yours and their relationship with God? If not, how will you change that starting today?

Woman to Woman:Take a step back to see the beauty in the lives of your family members. Ask yourself if your family is truly God centered.

WoW (Words of Wisdom): strength of Intellection – After three days they found him in the temple courts, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions. Everyone who heard him was amazed at his understanding and his answers. Luke 2:46-47

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