Mina Carlson is a dynamic communicator, delivering a powerful message that changes lives. She will make you laugh, cry and walk away thirsting for more. Through warmth, humor, transparency, and solid Biblical teaching, Mina leads women to discover the powerful truth of God’s Word and motivates them to apply it in their daily lives.

Business & Entrepreneur Mentor, Strengths Communication Coach and Leadership Development Consultant Highlights

  • 15+ Years in Speaking and Workshop Facilitation
  • 10+ Years in Leadership Development Consulting
  • Certified Gallup Strengths Finder Communication Coach
  • 15+ Years Business and Organizational Development
  • 10 Years in Non-Profit Startup, Development and Board Leadership


Faith Journey:

Although Mina is a successful professional business mentor and consultant of over 20 years, her purpose is far greater than that of a consultant and business coach. It’s much more than being on the road with a laptop, dry erase pens and caribou coffee stains on the center console. Mina’s purpose was handed to her in 2010, but she just didn’t know it yet. The stressful life of a business owner, wife, mother and consultant was not enough for Mina Carlson. She wanted more…and more is what God gave her.

As a child stolen from her biological mother, abused by an alcoholic father, molested by an uncle and later a runaway. She found her way to Jesus with the guidance of her Grandmother and Aunt. Mina was later challenged as a young adult with Cancer, an auto immune disease, and a failed marriage filled with betrayal leaving her as a single mom. Mina started to feel God had lost sight of her.

After several years and a new beautiful marriage, God brought Mina a new baby, new home and a successful business. Mina thought it was all going well, until she got sick again. It was then that God was going to change everything comfortable to her and take Mina on a new journey that would eventually take her to a place of hope, with a purpose and a cause. Mina’s new purpose was to help other women just like her find Christ and lead them to Woman-Up in their strengths and faith together. A movement for God’s ultimate plan.

In December 2016 Mina was invited to speak at her Church Breakfast event at Rock Point Church in Lake Elmo, MN.  It was then that God spoke to her through 150+ other women just like her. Mina was handed her biggest challenge yet, to create the Woman Up! movement. This movement would help other woman better understand how they can find their God given talents and gifts through their top 5 strengths using Gallup Strengths Finder along with other tools she has created.

Mina Carlson, her husband Tim Carlson, her son Jacob along with their small dog Ozzie live happily in Stillwater, MN. They have a daughter Theresa and three grandchildren in Arizona. Mina and her family are members of Rock Point Church in Lake Elmo, MN.

Through speaking engagements, retreats, workshops, interactive small group sessions, 1 on 1 coaching and more, Mina helps people better understand themselves, embrace their God given gifts and purpose with Woman-Up Faith, Love and Courage. Mina uses a method she created called the E5 Roadmap. ThisTool and others help people get to a place of understanding where they are as an “Emerging Leader” and how to apply it in their life for success. All this has since spawned the Wilhelmina Ministries that will someday be helping people all over the world, developing leaders and building “Faith Focused™” Disciple-makers for God’s great glory!

“If, by being vulnerable and telling my story, I can help women see that they too are not alone and can face difficult challenges through the strengths and grace of God, then I will share these deep dark moments of truth and how I rose up and became stronger for it!”

Mina’s motto in her faith journey; “We have two choices in life when faced with fear; we can either Face Everything And Run or we can Face Everything And RISE!  It’s our time to Rise up and Woman-Up! for Christ!”#bettertogether #womanupfaith#womanupcourage#fearlessjourney #wilhelminaminsitries

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